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About Raven Hon
About Raven Hon

Welcome to Code A Star, this is Raven Hon, a 20 years+ veteran in information technology industry.

I have been working for various projects from console, web, game, banking and mobile applications in different sized companies.

When I started my career as a developer, I focused on coding to deliver a product. After getting more and more experience, I have switched to work more on building a team to deliver a product.

Although I don’t code much in work recently, deep down in my heart, I am always thinking of my first ever coding work. A program I submitted to a local computer magazine in my teenhood.

That was a silly music jukebox program written in BASIC. For younger readers, you can google it while searching other words, like cassette, Kodak Fling and Speak & Spell. I can still remember which songs I coded in the program. And I can still remember the joy when I saw my published work on the magazine.

Coding is fun and coder is cool (Hell Yeah!), this is why I start this web to share the fun of coding world for everyone.

No matter you are an omega level coder or people with no coding experience, as long as you have a heart of coding, the door is always open for you.


Try to have fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?