[2017] Let’s pick the code to code in 2017

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How do you pick your programming language in 2017?
Code to code in 2017

There are many programming languages to code, as long as you pick the one you love to code, you will make a great product.

I pick our “lovable” programming language under three criteria:

  1. Popularity

  2. Ease of Learning

  3. Ease of Use


It is important to find a popular language to code, as you might counter different questions during your coding journey. The more popular the language is, the easier for you to find the answers. Popular languages also mean better market share in the commercial world, although we aim to code for fun, what if we can both code for fun and code for fortune?

Ease of Learning

Easier to code, that means we have more time to think more (yes, and play more), rather than spending time on trouble shooting and syntax learning.

Ease of Use

It would be good if a program can run on its own and depend less on other software/hardware components.



My pick: Python.

The Top 5 popular language tutorials searched on Google as of May 2017:


(source: PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language )

Java is the most popular language from the above table, but speaking of ease of learning, Java is no way matching the Python language. If you try to Google ‘easiest programming language’ , the name of Python always pops out.

What makes Python a easy to learn language? It’s a very what you TYPE is what you get language. It helps programming beginners to worry less about syntax and focus on creation.

For the ease of use, once you have started Python, all you need is just code your code. No need to wait for compilation or download extra development environment software, Python will execute the line you have just coded and tell you the result.

Talk is cheap, let’s go to Python official site to start our coding journey!