[Hands-on] Become a coder in 10 seconds!

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What can you do in 10 seconds? Become a coder!
What can you do in 10 seconds? Become a coder!

Yes, it is a catchy title, but it still sounds legit.

Last time, we talked the talk on the code we pick to code — the Python language. Now, let’s walk the walk and make no joke — the hands-on workshop.

First things first, install the Python into your machine. No matter you use the traditional way to download a installer from Python official site , or using OS related commands (homebrew, yum, apt-get, etc), just bring the Python to your machine. I always prefer downloading the latest stable version (3.6.1 as of 1st June, 2017), to taste their most up-to-date technology.

Once you have started the Python program (by typing python3 under your installed Python directory), type your first ever code as below:

print("I am a coder!")

Following result should be popped out:

See, you are now a coder, in just 10 seconds (or less)!


What we have learnt on this Hands-on:

  1. The ways to get the Python language
  2. Coding can be easy
  3. You are now a 10s coder!